Providing insights to improve Global Business Services

Manage what others can´t with AI-Powered GBS analytics

Communicate with impact, drive better decisions about GBS execution at all levels:

  • Service Catalogs

  • Billing / Chargebacks

  • Results based Planning

  • GBS Boardroom


Model value creation, simulate GBS operation scenarios that demonstrate the cause-and-effect relationships between inputs and outcomes

  • GBS Delivery Model

  • Service Lifecycle

  • Activity Analysis

  • Risk Adjusted GBS Indicators

Get Results!

Prepare actionable, relevant data to ensure GBS plans achieve forecast goals

  • Cost and Performance Targets

  • Workforce Planning

  • Working Capital Optimization

  • Transfer Pricing


How it works


3 easy steps!


Manage change with enterprise data management: enterprise data governance, change data visualization, and hierarchy management.

  • Collate data from contributing applications

  • Curate changes to enterprise data elements

  • Conform changes across different business perspectives

  • Consume changes among downstream business applications


Manage and drive profitability from the core with innovative and coherent management accounting techniques. Efficiently model Global Business Services operations by service catalogs across the rest of your organization.

  • Discover cost drivers to improve performance

  • Empower users with flexibility

  • Improve GBS decision-making

  • Create a culture of accountability around cost optimization and profitability


Allow GBS leaders and key users to visualize data in real time using configurable dashboards, without the need to export data to business intelligence (BI).

  • Prebuild GBS Analytics and Key Risk Indicators

  • Budget and Forecast IT and GBS operations

  • Certified GBS Dashboards

  • What-If Analysis

  • Mobile enabled

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